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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 16, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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developing news out of rich mopd this morning where police stumbled on to one of the largest marijuana grow operations they've ever seen. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you how they found it in a live report. active night for police across the east bay. a look at what happened after a stand-off and the sent for car jacks are that kept officers on the run overnight. tickets on sale for the u.s. olympic gymnastics trials heading to san low djose. a live look at downtown san jose. looks to be a clear morning. we will check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley, everybody. the discovery of a massive marijuana growing operation in the east bay. richmond firer firefighters alerted to a fire at warehouse of 6th and ohio streets. when they arrived on scene they found much more than just smoke. a lot of irony in that sentence. christie smith live at the scene now where police are literally removing hundreds of pot plants. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this really caught richmond firefighters by surprise. they came for a basic call of an electrical fire. but when they arrived here, behind this gate, they found a warehouse full of marijuana plant. police have wrapped up, but they still need to find the building's owner. police seize the marijuana by the truck load this morning. >> this is probably one of the largest ones that i've seen here
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in richmond. >> reporter: a grow operation worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> a large-scale operation. which has probably been going on for some time about there's different rooms with different stages of plants and room where they take the bud off the plant and get rid of the stems. >> reporter: here's a picture how to looked inside two-story warehouse on 6th and ohio. police say it started when a watch person noticed an electrical fire overnight. >> yes, the person that was here on site does know there were marijuana plants here and she's trying to get a hold of the person response describe once inside the smell and the setup was unmistakable. brian runs a nonprofit in the industrial area, and like many, he wasn't surprised. >> the hyperfocus area here in the iron triangle and north richmond and the annex. bottom line is, it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: police say, there were at least a thousand marijuana plants. three dogs taken away.
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even with the marijuana hauled out, questions remained. >> the city was unaware of this grow operation and we do sanction some but there's an approval process through city council and this did not go through that process. >> reporter: now, just before police left and they shut the gate here, they update immediate and told me it's more than 2,000 marijuana plants they found here. it's bigger than they thought. they had a chance to take a good look inside. they say it's substandard, unusual conditions. they'll have to red tag the building. so far, no one arrested. christie smith, nbc bay area news. a trio of car jackers on the run in the east bay. at least three men, one of them armed, pistol whipped a driver, and stole his toyota about 1:50,
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then crashed anear high street and santa rita. police set up a perimeter but suspects got away. f four-hour search turned up no sign. a suspect who prompted a s.w.a.t. stand-off in richmond  is behind bars now. 26-year-old todd gilliard barricaded himself on l street in bayview avenue. officers say the suspect is wanted for shooting a man at the hilltop mall in february. he is a parolee and was under electronic surveillance, but managed to cut off his ankle monitor. police in dub len searching for the driver of a mercedes benz they say hit and killed a cyclist. the man hit at 11:30 at dougherty road and fall creek. police found car parts at the scene from a 2010 or 2011 black mercedes benz. the identity has not been
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released. but a man in his mid-50s. >> a deadly crash shut down caltrans service. a train hit a pedestrian 7:10 at monterey road and south side drive. the pedestrian died at the scene. a mother who came to pick up her son after his train was delayed says, she's glad he didn't see anything. >> i asked him, he said nothing, he had his headphones on, probably half asleep. he wasn't going anywhere >> caltrain set up a bus bridge between the tamien and diridon to move passengers after the crash. service is back to normal at this hour. city of san francisco garnished the wages of joanne hayes-white after a judge declares her a deadbeat divorcee. she stopped paying support after sentenced for roughing up one of the sons. she says cost of raising her children became too great. the city will start taking $3300
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per month for spousal support out of her $300,000 a year paycheck. today marks two months since sierra lamar vanished from her neighborhood. crews are looking for the missing 15-year-old. divers have been searching nearby reservoirs. sierra failed to show up for school march 16th. investigators believe she was abducted. sheri sheriff's office found a red jetta believed to be connected. they know the i didn't of the owner but did not release that information. state of california scrapping a plan to shut down the state's youth prison system. governor brown reversing his decision, after protests from law enforcement agencies. they argued counties were just swamped with an increase in prisoner population. and a shutdown would send more juveniles to adult prisons.
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governor brown wanted to ship young offends to county lockups to save $25 million a year. a new labor deal in place for pal toe aalto police. the contract will save $1 million through benefits and wage cuts. officers will be responsible for pension contributions and three paid holidays are also being eliminated. palo alto face ing $4 million deficit. protesters will be camping on ac transit buses today trying to send a message to make public transit affordable for low income communities. organizers say bus drivers will be honoring this protest. if you're a muni ride, heads up. you have to come up with a new plan to get to work. the transit agency shutting down key routes for an 11-day stretch may 25th. buses will run in place of trains on the line between ocean beach and van ness avenues. the j line will work between
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balboa. other lines impacted, 22 fillmore, 37-corbett, 43 masonic and the n-owl routes. >> we're on a roller coaster in terms of mother nature this week, up down, up down. where are we now? >> all of us women have the right to do that, jon kelley. a good looking day shaping up, depends where you live. microclimate's giving me a time. what's interesting about the live picture, san francisco, the golden gate bridge, you can see fog. all of the fog is banked up against the san francisco side. take a live look. clear conditions, witness you make your way across the bridge into the north bay. san rafael, beautiful, clear sky here. as a result of the fog, take a look at temperature difference between san mateo and sunnyvale. 20 miles apart, almost 15 degrees of separation at this point. that's just part of why my job is so difficult this time of year.
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good news is, we're all going to see temperatures and conditions that uniform tomorrow, may gray. but two days, once we get into the weekend, temperatures will swing warmer, back into the 80s, sunshine, and temperatures are going to be perfect for outdoor activities. stay tuned. >> with big changes, wise and helpful, take a jacket, peel it off late. >> just depends where you're headed. new information in the tray vaughn martin case. what doctors are revealing about injuries to the man who shot him. decision 2012. president obama and democrats releasing fund-raising numbers as republicans get ready for a national ad blitz. and individual tickets for the u.s. olympic gymnastics trial going on sale here in san jose. what are our prospects for this country? thank goodness we have a former coach some might recognize and a olympic gold medalist to hpel us with the answer to that
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in decision 2012, president obama calling on congress to pass a measure that would give businesses a 10% income tax credit if they create new jobs, or give employees pay raises. the legislation is part of his to-do list for congress to get the economy back on track. meanti meantime, news this morning that the president and the democratic party raised more than $43 million on the campaign trail in april. that money will be needed. today, a pro-romney super pak announced it will spend $25 million on tv ads over the next month across ten battleground states. mitt romney has yet to release his april fund-raising numbers. he's campaigning in florida, and criticizing the president's record on debt.
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romney says he's the candidate who will stop what he calls the spending and borrowing inferno. new developments in the shooting. unarmed florida teenager trayvon martin. george zim suffered a broken news. a report from the family doctor lists the broken news with two black eyes and two cuts on the back of zimmerman's head. the doctor perform the exam one day after the february confrontation between zimmer man and martin. an orlando tv station reporting martin's autopsy showed the teen had injuries to his knuckles. legal experts say there's a chance the report could help zimmerman's claim of self-defense. in business and tech now, more news about facebook, as we get that much closer to the most anticipated bay area ipo since visa and google. scott mcgrew. >> good morning. there are two ways for a company to make money on ipo,en crease the price or increase the size.
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facebook upped the price, now playing the other side, too, filing paperwork with the s.e.c. in it, facebook will increase the number of shares that circulate publicly. this is facebook's eighth amendment to the s-1 and it makes the total value of the ipo as much as $16 billion. eight times the value of google's ipo in 2004. it would be the third largest ipo ever in america. at the same time this morning, general motor says it will discontinue advertising on facebook, saying it's ineffective which is the most biting criticism you can bring against facebook. it's kind of weird timing. gm knows facebook is hours away from an ipo and this criticism is like saying something nasty about the bride on the way to the church. and they're setting the stage for friday. actual stage at facebook. constructing a steel monstrosity in the central courtyard to host
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a celebration friday. we expect to open the nasdaq marketplace. >> on the road to the olympic games in london in a month from now, the top gymnasts rolling into the south bias the olympic trials hit san jose. tickets go on sale this morning. bob redell live right now with olympic heavyweights giving us an up close and personal look at always entertaining trials. good stuff out there. >> reporter: good morning. yes the u.s. olympic gymnastic trials here in san jose at hp pavilion june 28th through july 1st, the first time they've had these in the south bay and a first in the long time, announcing the teams during the trial instead of waiting towards the camps. bela karolyi, coached gymnastics since the beginning of time, amanda borden, olympic gold
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finalist on the team in 1996 under the tutelage of coach karolyi. it is a big deal teams announced during the trials. why are they changing it up? >> it's first time for quite a while. they want to on on all of the teams, but for the media and fans very important to see the actual olympic team created right here insan jose. >> reporter: for the women's team what are our prospects thisser. >> how do we look? what do you think's going to happen? >> this is probably the most competitive olympic trials we've had ever. five 2008 olympians returning. of course the olympic all-around champion is going against best gymnasts in our country, working up to this level like jordan weaver. an exciting competition. we have probably 10, 15 contends have that a legit shot but only five will make it.
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>> reporter: a month and a half out from trials what are athletes, like you way back when, what are they doing as far as training? >> working. >> the olympic trials is probably one of the toughest moments of an athlete's career. it's competitive competition, this is a big deal. they have to be committing everything right here, right now, give it everything they've got. >> you didn't have pressure under him. we heard he's a light washington. >> right, right, right. war. >> reporter: what do we have to worry about from the other countries? >> of course, great competition still the same, china, russia, remana. we are not impressed about what they've done lately. we still the reigning world champions a few months ago from tokyo. not just team but all-around also. we are having a very, very high confidence into the final stage. amanda mentioned it's the most
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olympic trial, the new generation, they came back as reigning world champions from tokyo. they are coming back and they challenging the old ones. you can imagine. >> reporter: quite a mix. >> you can imagine what kind of spark, amazing competition going to be. >> reporter: coach, thank you very much. amanda, best of tloluck to both you. june 28th through july 1st at hp pavilion. i wish he had nor say. like a wallflower. >> no doubt. >> reporter: my leg. wait, wait. >> coach, help him. >> reporter: i think i'm about two carrie strugs. >> good stuff. how can you not get jacked up with bela karolyi. somehow his accent's gotten strong over the years.
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watch the trials june 27th, nbc bay area. depending where you are now, cloud cover still remains. hasn't burned off all around. let's check the forecast. christina loren, am i correct? >> you're always correct, in my book, marla tellez. good morning to you. >> even when i'm not. >> that's the case. you loo l l l l l l l l l l l p bob redell, sunny conditions there. socked in with fog over the golden gate bridge. fair amount of cloud cover huing oakland and the mperatures struggling to break out of the 50s in some cities across the bay. it looks like that will be the case for the next hour or two. mark my words, the sun will come out later today. probably about 2:00 p.m. in san francisco. 55 degrees there. 56 san mateo. 71 in gilroy, we've been getting sunshine all morning long. right off the bat, sunrise at
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6:5. sunset close to 8:30. takes a while for the sun to go down. highs coming in at 4:00 p.m. one area, good air quality across the board. that will start to suffer as soon as high pressure bills this weekend and we get the offshore flow. highs looking comfortable inland. 84 at 4:00 p.m. concord. 82 napa. oakland, 75 degrees. high pressure strong though it is weakening and taking a hike with cooler weather tomorrow. before the cooler weather, the winds will pick up. an area of low pressure rides to the north. we could see that ball carried out to center field at giants game. catch the game 7:15 on comcast sportsnet bay area. 57, cool conditions taking on the a's, that series friday. first game nbc bay area. area of low pressure moves in. through the overnight, we'll see drizzle develop in the north
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bay. foggy start tomorrow, cloudy conditions all day long thursday. friday, we'll break through the clouds here in san jose, livermore about 2:00 p.m. highs going to end up in the 70s as a result. then back to the 80s saturday, sunday, warm you up for outdoor plans this weekend. speaking of which, marla and i will be at sunday's game. >> yes. >> just advertised it. >> yes, we will be. >> a smash hit out there. thank you. a bay area city trying to make its neighborhood look nicer out there by holding banks accountable. we'll show you what's going on. it's the new law targeting partying parents in the south bay. ♪
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oakland expanding its program. banks required to register homes the moment a default notice sent out. they must pay hundreds in yearly registration fees and the banks must maintain appearance of those foreclosed homes. >> the death of a south bay teenager in a drunk driving accident inspired a new law. leyland high grad was a passenger in a car that crashed on the expressway two years ago. the council woman used the tragedy to psh forpush for a ne law that holes home owners responsible for underage drinking at their home even if they're unaware it's happening. coming up next, berkeley's f ngem a new ranking from amazon.
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we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. welcome back. taking a live look at a sunny sky over san rafael. beautiful conditions here. grab the shades. leave them at home in oakland. take a look at overcast
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conditions. low clouds, hanging out. keeping your weather cool for the next couple of hours. the sun will be out 2:00 p.m. temperatures warm up to 75 in oakland. 82 in san jose. and then we tumble tomorrow, a number deck of clouds all day long. sun comes back out for the weekend. back to you guys. >> thank you. finally, bookworms all over berkeley feeling like it's a party. >> amazon ranks berkeley third on its list of the best-read cities. it is sandwiched between two other college towns cambridge, massachusetts and ann arbor, michigan. the best read city in the country, alexandria, virginia. rankings based on the sale of books, newspapers and magazines. all of the cities on the list have populations more than 100,000 people. >> good ranking. >> wonder the digital stuff, books and newspapers and magazines, all in line. >> people like old school. thanks so much for being with us. join us tonight.
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